To help us serve you better and ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly, we ask that you and your attendants please follow these simple guidelines:

Wedding day Makeup Prep

  • Please ensure you and your attendants face is cleansed + makeup free prior to appointment.  No mascara, liner, foundation or eyebrows filled in please.
  • If you plan to get waxed around your face or brows, please do it at least a week prior to wedding.
  • Chemical peels or any facial treatments should be done 4-6 weeks prior to wedding..
  • Make sure you try lash extensions 3 months prior to wedding to ensure you like the look and feel of them.
  • Planning on doing a spray tan, try the colour a month ahead of time.
  • Provide inspirational pictures of makeup and hairstyles.  Pinterest or Google have great example of looks for weddings.
  • Everyone must be on time to their wedding day service appointment. Even starting 15 minutes late will put everyone behind. Please do not be late for your special day!

Wedding day Hair Prep

  • Clean, dry hair. We recommend to wash hair the night before so not to get too oily throughout the day on your wedding day. Slightly dirty hair will help hold hairstyles.  An additional fee will apply if you need your hair blow dried or straightened along with your hairstyle.
  • Please do not pre style hair or straighten your hair (unless you have very curly hair + this works for you).
  • Images of hairstyles you love for your length of hair.
  • Bring clip in extensions for more volume and length.  Additional charges apply to style + clip in extensions.
  • Images of your wedding dress.