• Deposits

    A 50% non refundable deposit is required upon booking to secure your appointment date and will go towards your final amount.  Full payment is due 2 weeks prior to event.

  • Payment

    Balance to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to service date. The booking client is responsible for paying remaining balance on invoice, not individually if its a booked party.  Beauty District accepts e-transfers to info@beautydistrict.ca as well as credit card is accepted with a 5% service charge.

    All payments are to be payed to Beauty District, any additional services or costs added at your appointment is also to be paid to Beauty District, not to your booked artist. We will send any outstanding invoices for these services after your appointment.

  • Cancellation Fee

    For Weddings or large party bookings, cancellations must be given no later than 60 days prior to date booked. Without a 60 day cancellation notice, remaining balance on invoice must be paid in full.

    For bridal parties, if a booked client decides not to get their service completed, their spot must be replaced,is still required to be paid for.

    For individual booked makeup and hair appointments, deposits are kept with any cancellations.  Without a 72 hour cancellation notice, remaining balance is still expected to be paid in full, subject to each client case.

  • Rebooking Fee

    A $75 rebooking fee is charged to the client if appointment is needed to be rescheduled with less than 72 hrs notice.

  • Early Arrivals Fee

    Due to large parties getting ready very early in the morning for an early ceremony; there will be an additional $100 per hour, per artist, “early arrival fee” with any bookings with a start time prior to 7:00am. This will be assessed on a case by case scenario.

  • Late Arrivals Fee

    A late fee of $25 will be charged for every 15 mins of delay when a client is late for a scheduled appointment time, or if scheduled makeup time exceeds allotted times because of Client delays. This will be paid for in cash or email transfer before the Artist or client leaves. This also includes anyone in your booked party.

  • Travel fee

    Any travel to venues outside of Calgary, there is a $0.55/km charge to and from the location for each contracted artist(s) booked.

  • Accommodation + Food

    • For locations 100km (1hr) or more outside of Calgary, with a morning start time earlier then 8:00am, client may be required to pay for accommodations for contracted artist(s), the night prior to wedding day.
    • For long distance locations (3hr drive or more), a 2 night accommodation may be required for the evening prior to wedding and the day of wedding evening for booked artist(s).
    • Artist(s) must be booked in at the same hotel as the Bridal party getting ready venue.
    • There is a $100 per day, per artist(s) food + beverage fee, for each day we are required to be at the destination. Unless it is all inclusive with the accomodations.
  • Parking

    Parking expenses are not included in services and will be an additional cost when applicable. If multiple artists are booked, the client is responsible for each vehicle’s parking expense.

  • Destination Weddings

    Wherever the destination is, Beauty District provides services for your special day! Our rates remain the same for destination weddings, with the exception that all travel, lodging, and food expenses must be paid for or included.

  • Hourly Rate

    Any appointments going over agreed upon end time, due to clients interference, additional requests, or there will be a rate of $100 per hour/per artist charged to the client. This applies to lessons, creative makeups for halloween, half day or full day rates where artists are hired by the hour.

  • Pets + Children

    Although we absolutely love animals and young children, we ask that when Beauty District artists are at your getting ready location that pets + young children be kept away from makeup + hair tools for hygiene + safety purposes.

  • Gratuity

    We are a service based company, and your experience will gage your decision to offer our artists gratuity and it is optional, however a Gratuity of 20% is added to parties of 6 or more.

  • Holiday Fee

    $100 per artist/stylist additional charge for major holiday or long weekend bookings.

  • Client Harassment

    Should a client be rude or disrespectful to any of our Beauty District artists for any reason, that artist has the right to decline or halt services and documentation will be made of the situation. The client will be fully charged for the appointment time, subject to reasons.


    The Beauty District team are all qualified + certified talented Makeup Artist aimed to create your desired look. We will provide the following services: On location mobile Makeup + or Hair styling services to clients booked under Beauty District at the times and date mentioned above. We value your time and will be on location at the time requested for setup. Makeup/hair will be completed within time allotted and agreed upon as long as clients are on time. Should there be outside interferences affecting application time, artist will not be held responsible for taking longer than given.

  • Cancelled Artist(s)

    Should there be any reason for the booked artist to cancel doing makeup or hair for your event, Beauty District will find another highly skilled makeup/hair artist(s) as replacement. If there was already a pretrial completed with the cancelled artist, Beauty District will cover the cost of another pre trial should there be time prior to event.

    The Beauty District Makeup Artists have been trained by owner/founder Jaimie Rankin and personally selected to be a part of her team of artists based on talent and professionalism.

  • Professionalism + Sanitization

    Professionalism is a very important and a strict standard within our team. We like to set the bar high, and is what sets us apart in the beauty industry. Please direct any complaints or issues to info@Beautydistrict.ca, and we will ensure we follow up with you to rectify your complaint.
    All makeup products and brushes are kept sanitary and are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with professional grade brush cleaner and 70% alcohol in between every makeup application. After each appointment, we hand wash our brushes with baby shampoo + warm water, as well as sprayed with 70% alcohol.

  • Products & Allergies

    Beauty District uses professional, high quality products, tools and brushes. Makeup products used are hypoallergenic, which means a person is less likely to have a reaction. Any skin condition should be reported by the client to the makeup artist prior to application and, if need be, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin to test reaction.